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Rijschool Freedom

The road to freedom

Rijschool Freedom (Driving School Freedom) is a Dutch driving school aimed at anyone who wishes to earn their freedom on the road. The goal was to keep it simple, light and modern. A freedom expression theme to attract the attention, giving visitors a glimpse of what it could be like to travel the roads.


Contained within the header is a big call-to-action button, leading visitors straight to the registration form for a free trial lesson. Below “Rijschool Freedom” it reads “Enjoy your freedom with a driver’s license”.

Rijschool Freedom Header

Persuading people to join up is the name of the game, so why not put emphasis on the advantages of registering? (No waiting times, a personal instructor, high successrate, determine your own pace).

Rijschool Freedom Voordelen

This simple registration form is at the bottom of every page. There’s no need to fill in lots of information; the driving instructor will contact them personally to make an appointment.

Rijschool Freedom Contact Form

As with most driving schools, price packages are being offered here. These are easily added and customized by the client. They needed to “pop out” to grab the attention, which is the reason these are the only elements with a small shadow.

Rijschool Freedom Tarieven

People like reviews. It’s a great way to discover whether something is good, reliable, etc. I dedicated a page to all reviews Rijschool Freedom is getting on it’s Facebook page.

Rijschool Freedom Beoordelingen


Let’s not forget a vital part of this company: The logo. After a lot of ideas and sketches something obvious came to mind. What represents freedom in the best way possible? That’s right; wings. Since this is a driving school with a focus on earning your freedom on the road, these wings needed something that people could associate with a driving school; a steering wheel. I combined both and my client had made his decision.

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