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cMember Media

A social platform

cMember Media is a closed social media platform created for big organizations and unions. The task was to create a seperate application which simplified the process of configuring/buying ads and narrowing down the desired audience. We had access to a huge database containing lots of (freely given) information of every member. This application needed to be integrated into cMember Media. We called it ELIAS: Easy, Lightweight, Integrated Advertisement System.

ELIAS Homepage

The first step to starting an advertisement campaign, which involves uploading a banner and description.

ELIAS Uploading Step 1

The second step involves narrowing down the target audience using the following filters: location, account category, age, gender, family size, social class and keywords. The length of the campaign can be determined too. While choosing filters, the estimated reachable amount of people, the total cost, duration and a summery of every chosen option will be displayed on the right.

ELIAS Upload Step 2

A final summary will be displayed before finalizing the campaign, with the banner showing in the preview window to the right.

ELIAS Upload Step 3

The inventory screen where advertisers can check on their online and offline campaigns, as well as single advertisements.

ELIAS Inventory

This is the page where all invoices can be viewed, with the option to filter with dates.

ELIAS Payments

The profile page where advertisers can simply adjust their personal info by clicking on the pencil icons. There are the options of changing the email, password and payment info as well. Members can view a log which contains every past activity on the app.

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