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Can-Do Fitness organizes fitness classes consisting of Indoor Bootcamp, Outdoor Bootcamp, Fightcamp and Active Teambuilding. It’s focus lies on intensive, fun and healthy training in small groups with a dedicated trainer, indoors as well as outdoors. As an active website that wants to stand the test of time, it’s created as a fully responsive WordPress theme. It shows vibrance with an active blog, social media feed, fresh pictures and custom-made videos.

Can-Do Fitness Header

A preview of the latest blog post, a Facebook feed and a custom video are shown on the homepage.

Can-Do Fitness Social

Every training class has it’s own summary of information and adding a new one has been made simple and intuitive through the admin panel.

Can-Do Fitness Trainingen

The same goes for the price page which shows all available subscriptions.

Can-Do Fitness Prijzen

To be able to easily keep track of every member and which classes they want to follow, I made use of a nifty WordPress plugin and customized it to fit the theme and suit the needs of my client. Guest bookings, automatic profile creation, personal reservation page, class cancellation; it’s all in there. Here’s an overview of the calender with available classes. It displays as a list on mobile screens.


Can-Do Fitness Kalender


The blog page naturally contains all blog posts. Visitors can sort posts on category and easily browse from post to post.


Can-Do Fitness Blog

A very simple step-by-step instruction on the contact page on how to become a true member of Can-Do Fitness, using simple yet clear icons to send the right message.

Can-Do Fitness Inschrijven


Here is a closer view of the icons I made and used on the website. The goal was to keep it minimalistic and inline with the website and personality of the company.

Can-Do Fitness Icons


Since I was in charge of everything, a logo had to be included. This was my starting point, after which the website followed. The client already knew what he wanted and so I made something exactly like it: A silhouette in the colors blue and orange of a man doing push-ups. However, I still wanted to show him another direction, another way of expressing the personality of his company in a much simpler yet perhaps stronger way.

Can-Do Fitness Old Logo

I wanted to create an icon. An icon that could be used in multiple ways throughout his website, marketing material and company. Something that’s immediately recognizable as a symbol of strength and fitness, yet has a friendly and inviting touch to it. The client was immediately drawn to it and this is what settled on.

Can-Do Fitness Logo

The back-end of Can-Do Fitness has been made easy to use and navigate, with additional comments at every section to help the owner manage and update his website.


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