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Into the wild

Äventyr (which is Swedish for “Adventure”) is a company that organizes outdoor activities and workshops like bushcraft, hiking and survival training. The website is made to give a sense of adventure and freedom, using big images of nature to capture the attention. Each page has a unique header image, shot by the client, related to the page subject.

Äventyr Homepage

Hovering over the images accompanying the different sections reveals relevant information, creating a more engaging experience.

Äventyr Content

Workshops are sorted in categories and neatly aligned, showing interesting summaries ending with a link to the full post.

Äventyr Workshops

The contact form uses the same style as the workshops and ‘extra-information’ boxes on the homepage. This ensures a consistent style throughout the site.

Äventyr Contact

This logo started out as a sketch made by the owner. I recreated it in Illustrator and this is what we settled on. It’s a minimalistic version of a bird (eagle), with a mountain and sun in the background. The eagle represents freedom and protection (the sun/circle places emphasis on the protection part) while the mountain itself can also be seen as an “A”; the first letter of Äventyr. The three elements combined simply illustrates nature.

Äventyr Logo

I kept the icons minimalistic while still being recognizable. Descriptions are used throughout the website for clarification. Some icons are also used to accompany workshops to illustrate what category they belong to (bushcraft, survival, hiking).

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