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Artists Website

Painting is silent poetry

I have a project planned for a personal website for an exceptional artist. In the meantime, I felt like practicing different directions. It’s a market that isn’t profiting much from good design yet, which makes it all the more fun to create something that stands out. This one has a fun, slightly artsy and yet commercial feel to it. Everything is done by me, except for the background images which serve as placeholders. The logo is a quick mock-up.

Artist Homepage

I included a mouse pointer in some images to show the different hover-effects. This section shows the latest projects to give visitors a fast peek at what the artist creates.

Artists Portfolio Previews

By making use of colorful icons these three columns attract attention to the important information within. It immediately shows what it’s about.

Artists Services Page

The artist has a unique approach when it comes to selling her pieces. Clients will be able to determine the worth of the painting (aside from standard costs of time and used materials) themselves. I felt that this should have it’s own place on the homepage, accompanied by a big illustration showcasing the subject. I know she has a particular quote that speaks to her, which is why I gave that it’s own section too, combined with a subtle parallax effect to give it some extra attention.

Artist Price Information

Contact forms can often be quite boring to look at. To change this, I added in some hand-crafted icons and re-used the pencil icon in a fun way to literally point out where to write the message. Actual personal info isn’t being displayed here.

Artist Contact Form


Here’s a closer look at the icons I created.

Artist Icons

Even though this design won’t be used, I still wanted to showcase it and explain certain decisions. We will be using a much simpler approach which focusses almost completely on the actual paintings.


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