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Lourentius Mulder

I'm a front-end developer and web designer from The Netherlands. Creating elegant, functional and user-friendly websites is what I love to do. My current goal is make the web an even prettier place to be.

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Designing with the users in mind. Creating elegant and user-friendly interfaces with matching illustrations that connect with the visitors.


Making it work on the web. Using the newest and valid code to make it work on every screen and browser when needed.


Giving it the soul it needs. Implementing creative techniques to establish an optimal interaction between user and website.










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Graphic design was my first choice of study, even though I started experimenting with code at a young age. During my study I came to the realization that I wanted to combine both. It was this realization that made me transfer to Web Development. With plenty of motivation, I managed to graduate after 2 years of college. I’m striving to improve myself everyday and loving every minute of it.


When I'm working on a project I enjoy the whole process, from sketch to end product. I love spending enough time doing background research to figure out which direction to take. Minimalism and flat design are one of my favorite things to work with, though I don’t believe it should be used for everything. I’m a stress-free guy and when things go wrong or seem impossible, I do one of the things listed under "Play" to refill my inspiration tank.


I feel that play is equally important as work. It refuels my inspiration and creativity most of the time. My playtime is usually spent with my girlfriend, friends and family. I love playing games now and then, travel abroad, experiment in the kitchen and drink beers with friends. Seeing as I really enjoy catching up on the latest techniques and trends regarding the web (when I’m not working on a project), I consider that play too.

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I'm currently not available for projects but you're more than welcome to say hello or ask a question.